BI Databases, Web Tools and Software

Databases, Web Tools and Software Developed by BI Group

Implementation of algorithms, extraction of knowledge from data, creation of databases, development of web tools and software, etc. are the key domains of bioinformatics research in the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. The following tools were developed by the department. Most of these web resources were published in reputed international journals. B. Tech. Bioinformatics students also contributed significantly for developing some of these resources.


I.       HOBD: Human OncoBiome Database. Nadia, Ramana.J


I.       ABCD : Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers Comprehensive Database. Kumar A, Bansal A and Singh TR.
II.      ILD-DB: An Integrated Resource for Interstitial Lung Diseases ILDs. Mishra S, Shah MI, Sarkar M, Sharma S, Chaudary N, Shaikh M, Rout C
III.     AlzID: Alzheimer Disease (AD) Inhibitors Database. Rana P, Gupta A, Singh R, Rout C


I.      ADDGAP: Alzheimer’s Disease Database for Genetic Association Studies and Phosphorylation States. Panigrahi P, Sehgal M, and Singh TR.
II.     ILDgenDB (Interstitial Lung Disease Genetic Database) Resource. Mishra S, Shah MI, Sarkar M, Asati N, Rout C
III.    Ziehl–Neelsen Sputum smear Microscopy image DataBase (ZNSM-iDB). Shah MI, Mishra S, Yadav VK, Chauhan A, Sarkar M, Sharma SK, Rout C
IV.    DREMECELS: A Curated Database for Base Excision and Mismatch Repair Mechanisms Associated Human Malignancies. Shukla A, Moussa A, and Singh TR


I.       DBDiaSNP. Mehla K, Ramana, J
II.      NMDB: Network Motifs Database. Abhay Pratap, Singh TR
III.    TCGDB: Thyroid Cancer and Disorder Gene Database. Bansal A, Ramana, J


I.       Epicombflu: exploring conservation of epitopes and their combination to design universal influenza vaccine.  Jaiswal V, Chanumolu SK, Sharma P, Chauhan RS, Rout C
II.      DR-GAS: DNA Repair Database for Genetic Association Studies. Sehgal M, Singh TR
III.    Role of Gist and PHOG Features in Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Tuberculosis without Segmentation (TB-Xpredict). Chauhan A, Chauhan D, Rout C
IV.    HLAB27Pred: A machine learning HLA-B*2705 Binders Prediction Method. Gupta A, Chandra S, Singh TR


I.       Jenner-predict server: prediction of protein vaccine candidates (PVCs) in bacteria based on host-pathogen interactions. Jaiswal V, Chanumolu SK, Gupta A, Chauhan RS, Rout C
II.      SHIFT: Server for Hidden stops analysis In Frame-shifted Translations. Gupta A, Singh TR
III.    Soyabean Marker Database. Kumar A, Pratap A, Urvashi, Chauhan RS, Singh TR


I.       UniDrug-Target: A Computational Tool to Identify Unique Drug Targets in Pathogenic Bacteria. Chanumolu SK, Rout C, Chauhan RS
II.      dbDiarrhea: A Database of Proteins from Diarrheal Pathogens. Ramana J, Tamanna
III.    RCDB: Renal Cancer Gene Database. Ramana J
IV.    Shift database. Singh G, Singhania T, Gupta A, Singh TR


I.       EUSNPDB: Eucalyptus SNPs Database. Singh TR, Gupta A, Aykkal R, Mahalaxmi M, Seal A, Arunachalam V
II.      CancerCache: EHR System and Cancer Dataware House. Naik PK, Sengupta D, Arora P, Pant S


Note: These resources are available only for academic research. Commercial users are advised to take approval from the university prior to their use. Ethical approval was taken wherever it was necessary.