Metallopred Standalone

The Standalone version of the tool is free for academic, research and non-commercial use. It can be downloaded from here and can be easily run on a local machine.

Disclaimer : This software must not be distributed as whole or as a part, without prior permission of the authors. The authors of metallopred are not responsible for implications from the use of this software.

To download click -> Metallopred Standalone

Installation and use of Standalone

Steps for installation and use:

  1. Download "metallopred_standalone.rar" through link above.
  2. Extract all the files on to your hard disk.
  3. Install EMBOSS and Perl packages.
  4. Prepare a data file containing all sequences to be predicted in fasta format.
  5. Paste the data file into "METALLOPRED" folder and double click "METALLOPRED (standalone).pl" code.
  6. Follow the instructions given by the code and get the prediction output.
  7. For further help for package installation and use read "instructions.docx" in the package .

For any qurey please find the authors in the Contacts.