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For any University one of the major strengths is a strong alumni base.

JUIT is proud to have as its alumni group of engineers, technologists, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Alumni are those pillars which form the back bone of any University. They not only depict about the past but pave the way for the present and the future batches. Over the years, JUIT has produced successful engineers who have not only adapted themselves in different roles across various organizations, but also written their own success stories as entrepreneurs.

Alumni Committee of JUIT maintains a strong network of its alumni and connection to their Alma Mater. The Committee endeavours in maintaining student’s portal, updating the Alumni database, interacting with them through Facebook page, Alma Connect and sending out important updates. It is through these activities we aim to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and our Alumni. 

Team 2017-18
Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Saurabh Bansal

Student Coordinators
Parushi Sharma
Nikesh Chauhan

Dhruvika Sharma, Divyam Kudeshia,Shristi Saha, Srajit Saraswat, Aashish Bhardwaj, Aashina Puri, Manika Kansal,Anusheel Priyam, Faiz Ali, Anmol Rana ,Tapasya Sangrai,Ishita Jain,Deepika Gupta, Mehak Bekta,Samyak Jain,Shikhar Srivastava  and Vasu Gupta.