About LRC

Learning Resource Centre

LRC can accomodate upto 500 students at a time

The Learning Resource Centre JUIT has a very active learning ambience . It is a Three floor library about 2500 sq feet of carpet area and is capable of accommodating 500 students at a time to carry out any kind academic activity and research such as reading books and journals, computer programming , software development etc. Its fully linked with JUIT internet and intranet.

Wide Collections of Latest Books and Journals

The centre has wide collection of latest books and journals (international and national) in ICT related areas. It has subscription to various national and international journals in prints besides a larger number of e-journals through INDEST Consortia of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for Subscription of Digital library of International Journals of IEEE/IEE, Springer, ACM, ASCE, Emrald Management Xtra available to the students all over the campus. LRC is an active member of Developing Library Network (DELNET) for resource sharing and inter library loans of national and international database for its member libraries and IndiaSTAT Databases for statistical information. The LRC remains open to students for 15 hrs daily , in addition to holidays and Sundays. LRC has the latest books, journals and CD-ROMS on bioinformatics, biotechnology, computer science, information and communication technology, electronics and communication engineering, management, humanities and social sciences.



  1. Library services are available from 08:30 am to till 12:00 pm in weekdays, till 5.30 pm on Saturday and till 1:00 on Sunday or holidays against your Identity card.
  2. Gossiping or creating disturbances in any other form in the library is considered an act of gross indiscipline and is viewed seriously.
  3. Put the Library Resources (Such as Dictionaries, Magazines, Newspapers, Books etc.) back to its proper place after using it.
  4. No books or any other library materials shall be taken out from the library premises without being issued at the circulation counter otherwise action will be taken against you in the form of fine/suspension of membership or both.
  5. Users are required to maintain silence in the library. Any kind of relaxing, chatting, group discussions and joint laboratory work is strictly prohibited. Library reading tables should only be utilized for self study.
  6. Users should not damaged Library property or in any way disfigure / mutilate any document.
  7. Computers are meant for Study purpose only. Chatting, browsing Social Networking Sites is strictly prohibited within Library.
  8. Any student found indulging in the following activities will be strictly dealt by management:
    1. Using Mobile phones.
    2. Stealing of Library Books.
    3. Tearing pages from Library Books.
    4. Mutilating pages of Library Books.
  9. Make sure that Mobile Phone is switched off and other electronic devices are in the silent mode while entering in the library.
  10. No bags are permitted inside the Library. Bringing any personal study material (e.g. Books, Laptop etc.) is allowed only after Circulation Timing. Enter the details of such materials at Library Gate.
  11. Library Cards must be made available whenever required for verification by the library staff.
  12. Reference books/Journals/Magazines can only be read in the library and will not be issued.
  13. Books can be search on OPAC Computers available at each floor. Do not close the OPAC window/shut down or restart the OPAC computer the end of your search. OPAC computers can not used to access other files, folders etc. except the OPAC details. Don’t use your PEN Drive etc. Any kind of ‘Personal Use’ in the machine (PC) is strictly prohibited.
  14. For any further information contact at Circulation Desk/Librarian.